Integrated Annual Report 2014
South Africa
Towards the Future: Integrated Annual Report 2014 Key to this report.
Our four strategic objectives
1High performance culture
2Health and safety
3Driving profitability
4Licence to operate

Performance on achieving our strategic objectives

ArcelorMittal South Africa is a R35 billion business directly employing 9 596 people and creating value for 3 500 suppliers and their 25 000 employees. We contribute to the betterment of communities and the South African economy (with a direct GDP contribution of almost 1%).

If we are to continue creating value for our investors, employees, customers, other stakeholders and the country over the short and long term, our strategy has to effectively address and mitigate a number of key risks and challenges and exploit definable opportunities. In particular, we have to embrace and devise new, safer and better ways of making and selling steel.

In these pages we unpack what our high-level objectives mean in reality, what material issues and stakeholders they impact (and why these issues are important), how we measure our performance in delivering against these objectives and how we will strive to achieve these objectives in 2015.

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Our Vision
To add value to our stakeholders

To add value to all our stakeholders through our market leadership position in sub-Saharan Africa by producing quality steel products safely, being an employer and supplier of choice while striving to be among the lowest-cost steel producers in the world.

Our Values
Underpin our strategic objectives

These underpin our strategic objectives and impact our stakeholders
Customer focus

Our Mission
We aim to achieve our mission by:

We aim to achieve our vision by:

  • Protecting the health and safety of our employees
  • Pursuing operational excellence in all business processes
  • Producing innovative high-quality steel solutions for our customers on time
  • Protecting our environment and caring for the communities in which we operate
  • Being a fair employer as well as a career and skills developer
  • Being a responsible corporate citizen